A lot of Dutch and Netherlands based black LGBTQ+ professionals are doing well for themselves. This generation is breaking barriers in different fields while embracing their authenticity. Yet their stories remain untold.  

In the meantime, many upcoming ambitious young LGBTQ+ people are looking to emulate their values and actions. Furthermore, established organizations are looking for solutions from people with lived-experiences to proffer solutions for high performing and welcoming workplaces. 

As a non-profit initiative, we want to highlight the perspectives and lessons of these trailblazers. Because while being a racial and ethnic minority and openly LGBTQ+ is not a liability to build a successful career, we do want to make sure this uniqueness can become everyone’s reality.  

At Parea Nederland, we are committed to connect, encourage and support ambitious all black LGBTQ + professionals and potentials.  In doing so, we strive for a better representation in the workplace.



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